Susan Keiser and Scott Lerman met as painting students at Cooper Union. Like many artists they developed successful careers in other fields in order to pursue their art (Scott in brand identity consulting, Susan in publishing and horticulture), and they bring that expertise into their personal work and curatorial practices.
GARAGE GALLERY builds on ideas from Fugitivart, a conceptual photography exhibition they developed in 2013 for Soho Photo Gallery in NYC. Featuring groups of images by 23 artists, Fugitivart explored how the conventions of print editions, display, and permanence could be evolved to better serve the interests of artists and galleries. They are looking forward to continuing that exploration in the garage.
Using specially developed  inks , Fugitivart prints were engineered to fade away in about 6 months. Drawing on Scott’s experience as a custom printer, Scott and Susan printed all 120+ photographs, which were then simply pinned on the walls without frames or glazing.
Unburdened by costly printing, framing, and shipping costs, the exhibition afforded  the artists an opportunity to display prints that were properly sized for the large gallery space, some as large as 90" x 44".
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