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APRIL 2023
Another Place
Scott Daniel Ellison 
& Susan Keiser
April 8–23, 2023
Sat/Sun 1–5pm
Opening Reception, April 8th, 4–7pm
There’s a place beneath the surface. A place where dreams and memories hold as much sway as physics and evolution. Where what could be, may be, is manifest unencumbered by what was.
Scott Daniel Ellison and Susan Keiser see beneath the surface of things to that other place. Neither knows what will emerge when they start. They follow and amplify what appears, yielding to chance to create something almost familiar but entirely new.
Their work is both frightening and funny. A glimpse of a deeper narrative that the viewer must complete in their own way. Each creates art that defies convention and sets our imaginations into motion.

Scott Daniel Ellison conjures up images of affectionately ghastly creatures, pulling them out of layers of paint with brushes, Q-tips, cloths, and knives—until they emerge, seemingly whole. His subtle palette heightens the feeling that we are peering into a place that has its own logic and rules. BIO

© Scott Daniel Ellison. 2023

Susan Keiser uses photography to describe her world, not the day-to-day of it, but the sun-born visions and night-bound terrors that can’t be seen or understood until pictured. Memories and dreams, desires and fears, revelations and reflections, only come into focus when manifested in tangible images. Intuitive, improvised, her images are created entirely in-camera and in available light.​​​​​​​ BIO

© Susan Keiser, 2023

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